Board of Directors

The Credit Union's Board of Directors is charged with overseeing the operations of the Credit Union and setting goals that they would like to see Management and Staff accomplish. The Board is comprised of volunteers that are elected by the members of the Credit Union, at the annual meeting. The Board also has the responsibility of appointing the Supervisory Committee.

Your Volunteer Board of Directors: 

  • Keith Ross, President
  • Cheryl Somers, Vice President
  • Jean Johnson, Treasurer
  • Myra Kelly, Director
  • Rex Street, Director
  • Diana Turner, Directorr
  • Lavern Delaney, Director
  • David Plyler, Director
  • Deanne Brooks, Director
  • Smita Glosson, Director
  • Sheryl Thornton, Director
  • Youland Williams, Associate Director

Your Supervisory Committee:

  • Alissa Johnson, Chairman
  • Kathryn Ashby, Committee Member
  • Robert Bessey, Committee Member
  • Regina Breeze, Committee Member