VISA Credit Cards

Person removing their HealthShre Visa card from their wallet.Visa Credit Cards are a great way to borrow funds from your credit union any time and any where that accepts Visa, worldwide. Apply today for our low interest, no annual fee Visa card. Contact a loan officer for more information. 

Verified By Visa 
Now you can create a password that protects you when you buy online. Introducing Verified by Visa, the new service that helps prevent unauthorized purchases before they happen. So what's your password? Create it today by clicking below. 

Verified by Visa

Account Information 24/7
Find out your VISA account balance, amount and date of your last payment, available credit and so much more by logging onto anytime of day or night.

Visa Credit Card and Visa Debit Card – BLOCKED COUNTRIES

Due to recent international fraud, HSCU has blocked the following countries from performing ATM/Visa Check Card and Visa Credit Card transactions – unless we receive travel notification. If you'll be traveling, please provide your credit union with the dates of travel, countries and a phone number where you can be reached while traveling.

Blocked Point-of-Sale and PIN-Based Transactions
(except where noted * PIN-Based transactions allowed)

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
Korea, Republic of
Russian Federation
Saudi Arabia
South Africa


VISA Disclosure

The information about the cards described above is accurate as of 4/2004. The information may have changed after that date. To find out what may have changed, contact us at the number or location listed on the Contact Us Page.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases 

VISA Classic
9.5% - 15.5%

Other APRs

Cash Advance APR  9.5% - 15.5% 
Method of Computing the Balance for Purchases Average Daily Balance
(including new purchases)
Annual Fee  None
Minimum Finance Charge None

       Transaction fee for purchases
       Balance Transfer Fee
       Late Payment Fee
       Over-the-Credit- Limit Fee


Notice: In the event your Visa Credit  card, Debit card (Visa Check Card) or your ATM card is lost or stolen, please report to us during office hours at (336) 832-8119. 

After hours, please call:

For Visa Credit Cards                  (800) 325-3678
For Visa Debit (Check) Cards    (800) 523-4175